bd-fontbd-font: A ZX-Spectrum inspired 8x8px font summarylogtree
bdlBad Diode's Lisp. Experiments with interpreters, compilers and VMs. summarylogtree
gba-dev-toolsA collection of tools for GBA development. summarylogtree
gba-experimentsInitial experiments with GBA programming, mostly following along the TONC tutori...summarylogtree
gba-sequencerAn experimental 16-step sequencer for the Game Boy Advance (GBA). summarylogtree
micMicro Interactive C Framework summarylogtree
mic-opengl-exampleExample of bootstrapping an OpenGL application with MIC summarylogtree
ogl-monotextA simple monospace font text rendering experiment summarylogtree
uxn-linuxfbA port of the UXN virtual machine to the native linux framebuffer, without SDL. summarylogtree
uxngbaA port of the UXN virtual machine for the GBA. summarylogtree
uxnpiA port of the UXN virtual machine for the Raspberry Pi 3/4 (Bare metal) summarylogtree