BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainReplace unnecessary drawf with draws calls for performanceBad Diode3 months
v1.6stepper-1.6.tar.gz  stepper-1.6.zip  Bad Diode9 months
v1.5stepper-1.5.tar.gz  stepper-1.5.zip  Bad Diode9 months
v1.4stepper-1.4.tar.gz  stepper-1.4.zip  Bad Diode11 months
v1.3stepper-1.3.tar.gz  stepper-1.3.zip  Bad Diode12 months
v1.2stepper-1.2.tar.gz  stepper-1.2.zip  Bad Diode12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2024-02-02Replace unnecessary drawf with draws calls for performanceHEADmainBad Diode1-267/+267
2024-02-02Fix behaviour of CH3 decay on changeBad Diode3-4/+36
2024-02-02Add envelope drawing instead of numbersBad Diode2-24/+28
2024-02-02Add more notification hintsBad Diode4-39/+72
2024-02-01Fix some issues with sync and added more modesBad Diode5-18/+38
2024-02-01Adjust sync options to new tick sequencerBad Diode5-49/+90
2024-01-25Fix bug when no profiling activeBad Diode1-3/+1
2024-01-25Update profiling macrosBad Diode3-49/+112
2024-01-23Add improved renderer routines with DMA optionBad Diode4-261/+362
2024-01-23Update profiling macrosBad Diode5-252/+182