BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainFix a couple of small bugsBad Diode3 months
v1.6stepper-1.6.tar.gz  stepper-1.6.zip  Bad Diode4 months
v1.5stepper-1.5.tar.gz  stepper-1.5.zip  Bad Diode5 months
v1.4stepper-1.4.tar.gz  stepper-1.4.zip  Bad Diode6 months
v1.3stepper-1.3.tar.gz  stepper-1.3.zip  Bad Diode7 months
v1.2stepper-1.2.tar.gz  stepper-1.2.zip  Bad Diode7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2023-09-09Fix a couple of small bugsHEADmainBad Diode2-5/+14
2023-09-09Fix some minor bugs and try to improve consistency.Bad Diode5-8/+25
2023-09-08Add wraparound for patterns and more help stringsBad Diode3-18/+46
2023-09-08Fix a few bugs and randomize patterns properlyBad Diode3-7/+63
2023-08-25Add pattern chain buttons behaviour (toggle/clear/random)Bad Diode5-42/+157
2023-08-25Add global mutes behaviourBad Diode2-16/+24
2023-08-25Add global BPM behaviourBad Diode6-45/+137
2023-08-25Update UI for settings pageBad Diode4-57/+86
2023-08-24Add visual feedback and control for scale rootsBad Diode4-49/+73
2023-08-24Add bank queuing like patternsBad Diode4-41/+45