BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devAdd a return opBad Diode4 months
irAdd support for captured loads inside lambdasBad Diode7 months
mainAdd a return opBad Diode4 months
v0.10bdl-0.10.tar.gz  bdl-0.10.zip  Bad Diode9 months
v0.9bdl-0.9.tar.gz  bdl-0.9.zip  Bad Diode9 months
v0.8bdl-0.8.tar.gz  bdl-0.8.zip  Bad Diode9 months
v0.7bdl-0.7.tar.gz  bdl-0.7.zip  Bad Diode10 months
v0.6bdl-0.6.tar.gz  bdl-0.6.zip  Bad Diode10 months
v0.5bdl-0.5.tar.gz  bdl-0.5.zip  Bad Diode10 months
v0.4bdl-0.4.tar.gz  bdl-0.4.zip  Bad Diode10 months
v0.3bdl-0.3.tar.gz  bdl-0.3.zip  Bad Diode10 months
v0.2bdl-0.2.tar.gz  bdl-0.2.zip  Bad Diode10 months
v0.1bdl-0.1.tar.gz  bdl-0.1.zip  Bad Diode10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2022-04-25Add a return opHEADmaindevBad Diode3-1/+12
2022-04-25Add BASM generation for `if` expressionsBad Diode3-37/+85
2022-04-25Remove and update old code in ir.hBad Diode2-658/+99
2022-04-25Add more error types for different pipeline stagesBad Diode4-16/+46
2022-04-25Add BASM generation for numeric comparisonsBad Diode2-43/+111
2022-04-22Add initial BASM generation for arithmetic opsBad Diode3-8/+171
2022-04-22Introduce scaffolding for basm IRBad Diode2-0/+86
2022-04-22Add some TODOsBad Diode3-6/+16
2022-04-19Make distinction between sym parameter and variablesBad Diode2-1/+9
2022-04-19Fix semantic analysis bug in block scoped functionsBad Diode2-1/+4