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2Copyright (c) 2021 Bad Diode
4Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any
5purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above
6copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies.
12static const u32 bd_font[] = {
13 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00002400, 0x423c0000,
14 0x00002400, 0x3c420000, 0x0000363e, 0x3e1c0800,
15 0x00081c3e, 0x3e1c0800, 0x001c1c3e, 0x363e081c,
16 0x00081c3e, 0x3e3e081c, 0x00000018, 0x18000000,
17 0x7e7e7e66, 0x667e7e7e, 0x00001824, 0x24180000,
18 0x7e7e665a, 0x5a667e7e, 0x00081c3e, 0x081c221c,
19 0x001c221c, 0x08083e08, 0x00183828, 0x08080c0c,
20 0x003c2424, 0x24343606, 0x00082208, 0x1c082208,
21 0x040c1c3c, 0x1c0c0400, 0x2030383c, 0x38302000,
22 0x081c3e08, 0x083e1c08, 0x00141414, 0x14140014,
23 0x003c2a2a, 0x2c282828, 0x0038043c, 0x423c201e,
24 0x00000000, 0x7e000000, 0x081c3e08, 0x3e1c083e,
25 0x081c3e08, 0x08080800, 0x00080808, 0x083e1c08,
26 0x00001030, 0x7e301000, 0x0000080c, 0x7e0c0800,
27 0x00000000, 0x0002023e, 0x00002466, 0xff662400,
28 0x0008081c, 0x1c3e3e00, 0x003e3e1c, 0x1c080800,
29 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00080808, 0x08080008,
30 0x14141400, 0x00000000, 0x0000143e, 0x143e1400,
31 0x00081c02, 0x1c201e08, 0x00002616, 0x08343200,
32 0x00081408, 0x34122c00, 0x08080800, 0x00000000,
33 0x08040404, 0x04040408, 0x08101010, 0x10101008,
34 0x00001408, 0x3e081400, 0x00000808, 0x3e080800,
35 0x00000000, 0x000c0804, 0x00000000, 0x3e000000,
36 0x00000000, 0x000c0c00, 0x00203018, 0x0c060200,
37 0x00001c22, 0x2a221c00, 0x00000c0a, 0x08083e00,
38 0x00001c20, 0x1c023e00, 0x00001c22, 0x18221c00,
39 0x00001018, 0x143e1000, 0x00003e02, 0x1e201e00,
40 0x00001c02, 0x1e221c00, 0x00003e20, 0x10080400,
41 0x00001c22, 0x1c221c00, 0x00001c22, 0x3c201c00,
42 0x00000c0c, 0x000c0c00, 0x00000c0c, 0x000c0804,
43 0x00100804, 0x04081000, 0x0000003e, 0x003e0000,
44 0x00040810, 0x10080400, 0x001c2220, 0x10080008,
45 0x001c322a, 0x1a021c00, 0x001c2222, 0x3e222200,
46 0x001e221e, 0x22221e00, 0x001c2202, 0x02221c00,
47 0x000e1222, 0x22120e00, 0x003e021e, 0x02023e00,
48 0x003e021e, 0x02020200, 0x001c2202, 0x32221c00,
49 0x00222222, 0x3e222200, 0x003e0808, 0x08083e00,
50 0x00202020, 0x22221c00, 0x0022120a, 0x0e122200,
51 0x00020202, 0x02023e00, 0x0022362a, 0x22222200,
52 0x0022262a, 0x32222200, 0x001c2222, 0x22221c00,
53 0x001e2222, 0x1e020200, 0x001c2222, 0x2a122c00,
54 0x001e2222, 0x1e122200, 0x001c021c, 0x20221c00,
55 0x003e0808, 0x08080800, 0x00222222, 0x22221c00,
56 0x00222222, 0x22140800, 0x0022222a, 0x2a2a1400,
57 0x00221408, 0x08142200, 0x00222214, 0x08080800,
58 0x003e1008, 0x04023e00, 0x1c040404, 0x0404041c,
59 0x0002060c, 0x18302000, 0x1c101010, 0x1010101c,
60 0x08142200, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00003e00,
61 0x00040810, 0x00000000, 0x00001c20, 0x3c223c00,
62 0x0002021e, 0x22221e00, 0x00001c22, 0x02221c00,
63 0x0020203c, 0x22223c00, 0x00001c22, 0x1e023c00,
64 0x00003c02, 0x021e0202, 0x00003c22, 0x223c201c,
65 0x0002021e, 0x22222200, 0x0008000c, 0x08083e00,
66 0x00200020, 0x2020221c, 0x0002120a, 0x060a3200,
67 0x000c0808, 0x08083e00, 0x0000162a, 0x2a2a2a00,
68 0x00000e32, 0x22222200, 0x00001c22, 0x22221c00,
69 0x00001e22, 0x221e0202, 0x00003c22, 0x223c2070,
70 0x00001a26, 0x02020200, 0x00001c02, 0x1c201e00,
71 0x00043e04, 0x04041800, 0x00002222, 0x22221c00,
72 0x00002222, 0x22140800, 0x00002222, 0x2a2a1400,
73 0x00002214, 0x08142200, 0x00002222, 0x223c201c,
74 0x00003e10, 0x08043e00, 0x18040402, 0x02040418,
75 0x00080808, 0x08080808, 0x0c101020, 0x2010100c,
76 0x00002c1a, 0x00000000, 0x00000814, 0x22223e00,
77 0x001c2202, 0x221c080e, 0x00140022, 0x2222221c,
78 0x1008001c, 0x221e023c, 0x0814001c, 0x203c223c,
79 0x0014001c, 0x203c223c, 0x0408001c, 0x203c223c,
80 0x0814081c, 0x203c223c, 0x00001c02, 0x221c080e,
81 0x0814001c, 0x221e023c, 0x0014001c, 0x221e023c,
82 0x0408001c, 0x221e023c, 0x0014000c, 0x0808083e,
83 0x0014000c, 0x0808083e, 0x0408000c, 0x0808083e,
84 0x0014001c, 0x223e2222, 0x0814081c, 0x223e2222,
85 0x1008003e, 0x021e023e, 0x00001628, 0x1c0a3400,
86 0x003c0a1a, 0x0e0a3a00, 0x0814001c, 0x2222221c,
87 0x0014001c, 0x2222221c, 0x0408001c, 0x2222221c,
88 0x08140022, 0x2222221c, 0x04080022, 0x2222221c,
89 0x00140022, 0x223c201c, 0x14001c22, 0x2222221c,
90 0x14002222, 0x2222221c, 0x00081c22, 0x02221c08,
91 0x0018240e, 0x04043e00, 0x00221408, 0x1c081c08,
92 0x0038041e, 0x041e0438, 0x0030081c, 0x08080806,
93 0x1008001c, 0x203c223c, 0x1008000c, 0x0808083e,
94 0x1008001c, 0x2222221c, 0x10080022, 0x2222221c,
95 0x2c1a000e, 0x32222222, 0x2c1a0022, 0x262a3222,
96 0x001c122c, 0x001e0000, 0x000c120c, 0x001e0000,
97 0x08000804, 0x02221c00, 0x0000003e, 0x02020000,
98 0x0000003e, 0x20200000, 0x06241468, 0x4422f000,
99 0x06241468, 0x54f24000, 0x08000808, 0x08080800,
100 0x00482412, 0x24480000, 0x00122448, 0x24120000,
101 0x00880022, 0x00880022, 0x55885522, 0x55885522,
102 0x55aa55aa, 0x55aa55aa, 0x08080808, 0x08080808,
103 0x0808080f, 0x08080808, 0x08080f08, 0x0f080808,
104 0x14141417, 0x14141414, 0x0000001f, 0x14141414,
105 0x00000f08, 0x0f080808, 0x14141710, 0x17141414,
106 0x14141414, 0x14141414, 0x00001f10, 0x17141414,
107 0x14141710, 0x1f000000, 0x1414141f, 0x00000000,
108 0x08080f08, 0x0f000000, 0x0000000f, 0x08080808,
109 0x080808f8, 0x00000000, 0x080808ff, 0x00000000,
110 0x000000ff, 0x08080808, 0x080808f8, 0x08080808,
111 0x000000ff, 0x00000000, 0x080808ff, 0x08080808,
112 0x0808f808, 0xf8080808, 0x141414f4, 0x14141414,
113 0x1414f404, 0xfc000000, 0x0000fc04, 0xf4141414,
114 0x1414f700, 0xff000000, 0x0000ff00, 0xf7141414,
115 0x1414f404, 0xf4141414, 0x0000ff00, 0xff000000,
116 0x1414f700, 0xf7141414, 0x0808ff00, 0xff000000,
117 0x141414ff, 0x00000000, 0x0000ff00, 0xff080808,
118 0x000000ff, 0x14141414, 0x141414fc, 0x00000000,
119 0x0808f808, 0xf8000000, 0x0000f808, 0xf8080808,
120 0x000000fc, 0x14141414, 0x141414ff, 0x14141414,
121 0x0808ff08, 0xff080808, 0x0808080f, 0x00000000,
122 0x000000f8, 0x08080808, 0xffffffff, 0xffffffff,
123 0x00000000, 0xffffffff, 0x0f0f0f0f, 0x0f0f0f0f,
124 0xf0f0f0f0, 0xf0f0f0f0, 0xffffffff, 0x00000000,
125 0x00002c12, 0x12122c00, 0x000c120a, 0x12223a02,
126 0x003e2202, 0x02020200, 0x00003e14, 0x14141400,
127 0x3e220408, 0x04223e00, 0x00003c12, 0x12120c00,
128 0x00002222, 0x221e0202, 0x002c1a08, 0x08281000,
129 0x1c081c22, 0x221c081c, 0x1c22223e, 0x22221c00,
130 0x1c222222, 0x22143600, 0x1e041824, 0x22221c00,
131 0x0000142a, 0x2a140000, 0x0020142a, 0x2a140200,
132 0x00003c02, 0x1c023c00, 0x001c2222, 0x22222202,
133 0x00003e00, 0x3e003e00, 0x0000081c, 0x08001c00,
134 0x04081008, 0x04001c00, 0x10080408, 0x10001c00,
135 0x30480808, 0x08080808, 0x08080808, 0x08080906,
136 0x00000800, 0x3e000800, 0x00004c32, 0x004c3200,
137 0x00182418, 0x00000000, 0x00001c1c, 0x1c000000,
138 0x00000018, 0x18000000, 0x00f01010, 0x10121418,
139 0x0c342424, 0x00000000, 0x1810083c, 0x00000000,
140 0x00003c3c, 0x3c3c0000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000,