bd-font: A ZX-Spectrum inspired 8x8px font

This is a simple 8x8 font inspired by 8-bit computers, and implements the full 0-127 ASCII character range as well as the extended symbols in the '437' character set.

The font is available as a 128x128 bmp image (bd-font-8x8_128x128.bmp), where the characters are in 8x8 tiles, with 16 columns and 16 rows. Additionally, the chr file bd-font-8x8.chr is available for loading each character as bitmaps (8 bytes per character). The font can also be embedded in C by copying or including the contents of the bd-font-8x8.c file directly to your project.

This font is totally free for any kind of usage and dual license under UNLICENSE and MIT, see the LICENSE.md for details. Attribution is nice but not necessary, but if you use this font in your projects I would love to know!